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How to choose the cast steel gate valve stem


Cast steel gate valve has a spare called stem, the stem should be how to choose? What precautions do they?

Common valve stem and easy accumulation of slag, stones, sand and other debris, is not conducive to the sealing surface and flow, but some manufacturers of resilient seated gate valve using flat-bottomed basin-wide straight-through design, easy accumulation of debris to ensure reliable sealing, fluid can be unobstructed.

In fact, we often go to the market above the valve fittings bought stem better standard, can be mass produced, the basic data and dimensions have a reference standard, if a non-subject, then we should additionally customized, there is a significant thing: steel valve stem also has the distinction of material, this little accessory has now been many manufacturers as a "hands and feet" place, in order to make to maximize their own interests, or to fight for a client, so that their prices , the usual practice is that the valve has to do 304, but the stem is 321 or other worse, buyers rarely care about this gadget, which also led to a lot of humble boss, how to figure out why they a valve 304 made up of 28 should be some manufacturers to sell only 26 yuan. Fortunately, if you do not have much impact, which is also a small number of sales skills, but still do not want to disrupt the entire valve sales market.


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