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东洋阀门(上海)有限公司 Is located in Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone. It is mainly engaged in the research and manufacture of water supply valves, water supply and drainage, building automation, environmental protection and energy saving, HVAC, pressure vessel, Marketing, service as one of the valve business. The introduction of international high-end control valve technology, is committed to high-quality, advanced valves, measurement and control systems of their own R & D and manufacturing, so as to provide customers with the most advanced performance, the most scientific design, economical and practical products. 东洋 VALVE The main products are: gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, filter, check valve, water control valve, rubber soft access, metal hose, metal compensator and other products, but also according to the needs of users design and production of special purposes valve. At the same time independent development of pneumatic, electric and other types of actuators. Company's products GB, JIS, ANSI and other standards. Products with excellent control and sealing performance.

东洋阀门 R & D Center takes the market information and customer's actual use as the design basis, innovates, introduces the three-dimensional simulation manufacture test design system, implements the ERP design management, adopts the CAD / CAM design software, and continuously improves the quality of the design personnel to ensure the new products. Development speed and quality. In the design of output, verification, confirmation, change the process of management intensive, layers of quality checks. The company's products in the production process of each link are the implementation of a strict control and inspection to ensure that each product manufactured after the use of reliability. High production efficiency, excellent quality control, to meet the special requirements of the perfect and the use of high-quality performance, so that the Showa valve products reputation Quartet.

We adhere to the leading technology, high quality and efficiency, the customer first, the undersigned about compliance approach to quality; convinced that loyalty, friendliness, hard work and dedication to the quality of life, Constant improvement and quality, continuous development and innovation, permanent quality service is the eternal spirit of 东洋 VALVE and the same commitment! Warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants visit the guidance of negotiations, the company is committed to the quality of life, Create brilliant!

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