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Three ball valve works Profile


Three ball valve

Three ball valve works as follows:

An open process

Mechanical pressure in the closed position, the sphere by the stem, is pressed against the valve seat.

When counterclockwise handwheel stem the reverse movement, its flat bottom corner to make the ball disengage the seat.

Stem continue to improve, and the interaction with the guide pin stem the spiral groove, so that the ball began to rotate without friction.

Up to the fully open position, the valve stem to the limit position, the ball rotated to the fully open position.

Second, the closing process

When closed, the hand wheel clockwise, the stem and the ball began to fall away from the seat starts to rotate.

Continue rotating the hand wheel, stem being embedded in the spiral groove on its role of guide pins, so the stem and ball while rotating 90 °.

When it is almost closed, the sphere has been in the case of non-contact with the valve seat is rotated 90 °.

The last few laps of the hand wheel rotation, angular plane mechanically wedge to the oppression of the ball at the bottom of the stem, so that pressure in the seat tightly, to be completely sealed.

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